Calling all pilots: If you're looking for a great time to spend on a weekend in TBD), then this will be your destination.

We are bringing back an event to (will be revealed shortly) And we promise, you'll show up curious and will leave with a smile. A lot of work has gone into making this an event unlike any other in the area. The fly-in process is listed below:

Aircraft Parking: Immediately following landing, please advise the Unicom attendant whether you are:
1) A dealer displaying your aircraft
2) An aircraft owner wishing to display your craft, or
3) An event attendee

If you are a show plane, you'll be directed to the show stable located near the breakfast hanger. You'll be greeted by an attendant and will be directed to the registration table. We would like show planes to attend until at least 2:00pm. You commemorative dash plaque and pin will be available around 1:00pm, (first 25 registered show planes).

Please pay attention.  It is vitally important that pilots do not start engines on departure until accompanied by wingwalkers.